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Upcoming Fundraising Opportunities

Thailand 2020

June 22, 2020 to July 01, 2020
Chiang Mai, Thailand
We will be visiting Living Word International with Charlie and Cathy Milbodt. While there, we will be working with orphans and refugees, in villages and drinking lots of the Thai coffee made right on campus!
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Ecuador 2020 Returners

July 13, 2020 to July 20, 2020
Quito, Ecuador
The returner’s trip, for those who can’t stay away from the amazing work taking place in Atucucho. We will be returning to Pan de Vida to assist with building repairs, leading VBS, having services, hosting conferences, and of course seeing the beautiful landscape and faces you have grown to love.
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Ecuador 2020 Maiden Voyage

July 16, 2020 to July 23, 2020
Quito, Ecuador
We will be doing repairs on the huge building of Pan de Vida, leading VBS, having services, hosting conferences, and of course seeing the beautiful landscape.
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Amazon 2020

October 05, 2020 to October 12, 2020
This year, we will be dedicating the church that was planted in our last visit. There will be opportuinities for evangelism, children’s ministry, and medical missions. Join us as we go into some of the most remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest to share the love of Christ!
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Mozambique 2020

December 07, 2020 to December 17, 2020
Mozambique, Africa
We will be visiting Celia in the bush of Africa. We will be working in the village of Gumbane helping with the feeding ministry, services, a massive childrens day and of course an African Safari!
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